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Lawrence L Worrilow Sr.

  • Thanks to Russell Newlin Abel for his book, A Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance. If anyone is interested in the Surnames at this site, Russ' book is a must. You can get your copy by contacting Russ at, Southeast Landing, 726 Southeast Creek Road, Church Hill, MD 21623-9723.

  • Thanks to Jane Levis Carter for her outstanding book, Edgmont, the story of a township, which is a book about Edgmont and the people that first settled this early township laid out by William Penn. Unfortunately, the book is out of print but most libraries in and around the Delaware County area should have a copy.

  • Much thanks to Kay Hutchinson for her research into the Worrilow family.  Her knowledge of the family has been a great help to me and I thank her for the time spent on my many questions.  Kay has just published a book about the Worrilow family titled, One Man's Family.